XONA Media DVD+Digital kiosks deliver
most advanced movie rental capabilities at 1/3 the cost.

(DECEMBER 21) SAN FRANCISCO, CA. – XONA Media, an innovative media technology company, announced today the immediate availability of the MK3 DVD+Digital Kiosk, the world’s most advanced and cost effective entertainment kiosk platform.  With an unprecedented combination of power and price, the MK3 kiosk creates new retail markets and disrupts the economics of today’s entertainment kiosks, which are limited to only the highest-traffic retail locations.

3X the Capabilities, 1/3 the Cost

XONA-MK3-DVD+DigitalWith unmatched capabilities, the MK3 DVD+Digital Kiosk is the only system capable of renting DVDs, Blu-ray discs and disc-based games; supporting secure, instant, digital movie downloads to flash-based storage or burning on-demand to recordable DVD; and even enabling Netflix-type subscription rental programs including online reservations and the capability to rent-at-kiosk and return-by-mail.

The MK3 also sets an important new price point – with systems starting under $5,000.  Much like “Moore’s Law” has driven down computing costs year-after-year, this 3rd generation technology platform utilizes cutting edge advancements to dramatically reduce costs from the $15,000-25,000 of older, legacy systems.

New Markets

“DVD rental kiosks have quickly gone from novelty to necessity, but with more than 300,000 ATMs in the US, it’s easy to see that today’s 30,000 DVD kiosks are just the tip of the iceberg,” remarked Pete Popcke, Chief Operating Officer of XONA Media.  “With years of experience from Hollywood Video, Sonic Solutions, DVD Play, Premier Retail Networks and Zoom Systems, our team set out to engineer a new platform, built from the ground up to deliver the lower costs and increased flexibility that the next wave of movie retailers require.”

“First-generation DVD kiosks were really just modified VHS-tape systems developed in the 80’s” noted John Osborne, founding President of kiosk leader The New Release (now Blockbuster Express).  “At TNR, we began with these first-generation kiosks and then added second-generation systems from NCR.  We quickly learned that these large, cumbersome systems were very profitable, but only in the largest grocery stores.  The industry needs to embrace next-generation technology to reach its potential 100,000+ US kiosk locations, and ultimately deliver the convenience consumers expect.”

MK3 DVD+Digital Key Features

  • 300 disc capacity, expandable to 700 discs, in four square feet of space.
  • Instant Movie Download (XIMD) capabilities protect the kiosk investment by enabling DVD and digital distribution from a single machine.
  • Engaging, 22” high definition touch screen interface and support for additional digital advertising screens.
  • Configuration options which allow the MK3 DVD+Digital kiosk to be optimized for a wide variety of store locations – placed on a standard retail counter without disrupting sight lines, or converted into a free-standing system complete with integrated light box, digital sign, and retail racking.